Steven Thong


Steven Thong is a seasoned legal assistant who has decided to focus his attention on understanding environmental law to become a great asset at Mitchell M. Tsai.

Prior to joining our law firm, Steven worked at various other law firms that specialized in personal injury, criminal, and property law. Additionally, he has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Science with a focus in Ecology & Conservation from Drexel University.

Steven has worked at the Philadelphia Water Department in the wastewater treatment plant, where he tested Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and total suspended solids (TSS) in wastewaters.

Steven’s diverse background in education and career has made Steven a great addition to our law firm.

Steven is currently enrolled in UCLA’s Paralegal Training Program and is set to obtain his ABA Paralegal Certificate in August 2022.

During Steven’s free time, he enjoys biking, exercising, movies, hiking, and hopes to get back into martial arts.

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