Barrie Brown Martinez


Barrie “B. (or Bee)” Brown Martinez is a Paralegal with our Firm, where she focuses on administrative, environmental, and land use law. She also previously handled personal injury, civil, family, and criminal law matters. Prior to beginning her legal career, Bee worked in the film industry, working in production as well as an independent content creator.

Bee earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Television, Film, and Media Studies from California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA).

As an undergraduate, Bee spent a great deal of time in Northern California, where her love for the environment and interest in environmental law first developed. She volunteered for beach clean ups, attended environmental workshops, and often went out with friends and loved ones to explore the great outdoors.

It was in a Media Law class at the end of her senior year at CSULA that Bee discovered her career may transition into law. Using her writing, analytical, research, and administrative skills, Bee went on to earn a Paralegal Certificate (approved by the American Bar Association) from Cerritos College, began working as a paralegal intern in Long Beach, California, and was subsequently promoted to a role as a full-time Paralegal.

During her free time, Bee still enjoys filmmaking and creating digital content, traveling, yoga, museums, and going to as many sporting events as possible, particularly Los Angeles Dodgers games.


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